Multotec’s SA-made Slurry Pumps Delivered to Kazakh Mine

The international reach of mineral process tools specialist Multotec has been highlighted by the current provide of its South African-manufactured slurry pumps to a chrome challenge in Kazakhstan. According to Gerhard Hendriksz, common supervisor liable for slurry pumps at Multotec, an order of 38 slurry pumps was delivered in mid-December 2021 by way of a collaboration of Multotec’s worldwide business staff and the company’s distributor in Kazakhstan.
“The pumps have been produced according to the specs provided by Multotec’s distributor, ensuring the units will deliver the required duty for the end-customer,” says Hendriksz. “ weksler pressure gauge ราคา includes being designed to withstand extremely abrasive working circumstances.”
Certain chrome deposits in Kazakhstan boast a few of the world’s highest concentrations of chrome oxide (Cr₂O₃) – up to 62% content – making the slurry particularly abrasive. The pump range that Multotec delivered includes models from the HD25 to the MD300, in metal and rubber-lined configurations to go nicely with their respective duties.
เกจวัดแรงดันลม10bar of just 10 weeks was achieved, with Multotec leveraging its trusted local supply chain that included foundry work, machining and other suppliers in addition to collaboration with Multotec’s technical partner, 7D primarily based in Perth, Australia.
Andre Burger, production manager responsible for pumps at Multotec, also emphasises that a shut working relationship with end consumer and Multotec’s Russian-speaking business staff ensured smooth preparation and delivery.
“Our distributor has in-depth knowledge of the customer’s applications and has the engineering experience to make sure optimal product specification and performance,” says Burger. “Multotec will help the products with aftersales and support services, together with availability of spare elements.”
Despite the commerce disruptions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Multotec has continued to perform strongly on the export front. Last 12 months, it earned a place within the Exporter of the Year Awards – presented by the South African Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC).
Multotec provides an entire range of pumps for medium and heavy duty slurry functions, including cyclone feed, spirals feed, mill discharge, tailings disposal, filter feed, effluent discharge and spillage. The range caters for flow charges from around 15 m3/hr as a lot as 2,000 m3/hr.

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