Pattaya resort rooftop sauna engulfed in flames

In Thailand’s eastern metropolis of Pattaya, a hotel’s rooftop sauna was suddenly engulfed in flames at 10pm on Saturday. According to hotel workers, the sauna room was beneath renovation and had an indication prohibiting entry. However, some guests secretly used the room, leading to an surprising fire.
The incident occurred at a resort located on Soi Arunothai, inside the Nong Prue sub-district of Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri province. The identify of the resort was withheld from publication by The Pattaya News pending further investigation by fireplace division officers.
The sauna room, located on the hotel’s eighth floor rooftop, is part of a combined area that includes a health centre and a sunbathing area. After the fireplace broke out, law enforcement officials, firefighter items, safety personnel, and hotel workers collaborated to extinguish the massive blaze. They employed chemical extinguishers and water spray, and even some lodge visitors joined within the effort by helping with water splashing.
After a decided effort, the flames were lastly extinguished. The authorities subsequently discovered vital damage to each the sauna room and the adjoining health centre. Incredibly ’s safety guards had seen smoke rising from the sauna room whereas monitoring CCTV cameras, prompting them to swiftly ascend to the rooftop and call for assistance.
Hotel workers members disclosed that the sauna room, where the fire originated, had been closed for renovation and had a transparent sign forbidding entry. Despite this, it was discovered that some visitors had managed to gain unauthorised entry to the room, probably leading to the outbreak of the fire.
Authorities are presently assessing the extent of the injury and investigating the exact reason for the incident. Thankfully, no injuries were reported..

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