Vietnamese man unknowingly serves cat food as beer snacks, tickling netizens

A recent mishap at a Vietnamese house led to a hilarious mix-up of nibbles that went viral on a feline lovers’ forum. The humour-infused story revolves around a person internet hosting his pals, unknowingly serving them cat food as snacks, which was only spotted by his stunned daughter. The story has tickled netizens eliciting a surge of laughter and shared experiences across the web community.
The story unfolds because the host invites his pals over for an informal drink session. Wanting to be a good host, he begins to rummage for some accompaniments to the chilly beer. Initially involved about not having prepared any tasty bits, he stumbles throughout a packet crammed with a shrimp and fish aroma, that to him, appeared good as a beer companion.
Finding the contents a bit bland, he adds some sauce and squeezes lime over it to reinforce the flavour. After being served up as beer snacks, the host and visitors diverged in declaring the munchies as delectable.
Amid the relaxed environment with the men having fun with their chilly drinks and savoury snacks, the host’s daughter walks in. Upon sighting the snack, she stands flabbergasted, recognising her pet’s meals plate in the middle of the social circle – it was certainly cat food, reports Sanook.
The minute this tale was shared on social networking platforms, it gained instant attention from the web community. Many could not resist laughing on the unlucky situation stemming from the misinterpretation of products. Still, some netizens shared their very own experiences.
“It’s not only your father, my husband also had the identical incident. He went to the grocery store to purchase snacks, however got here again with cat food.”
“Having given New , how’s the taste? Share a review.”

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