Russian man ignores pink flag warnings, drowns at Surin Beach in Phuket

The serenity at Surin Beach in the Thalang district of Phuket was disturbed by an unexpected incidence yesterday after a Russian man turned a victim of its tempestuous sea. The Russian drowned after allegedly disregarding the clear warnings of danger on the beach—the vibrant pink flags signalling a prohibition on swimming.
The call stating this incident was relayed to the Phuket Tourist Police by the Phuket Express. The lamentable prevalence transpired yesterday. At the scene of the tragedy, punctuated by the vividly hued purple flags erected by the diligent lifeguards, the implications have been clear – swimming had been publicly stated to be off-limits on the seaside because of the hazardous situations, reported The Pattaya News.
Nothing to it watched in suspense as lifeguards huddled around the hapless foreign man, conducting CPR with urgency. Later on, the Phuket Tourist Police revealed the identification of the sufferer, a 41 12 months outdated Russian national named Aleksandr Iunemen. Despite being swiftly transported to a neighborhood hospital, his life couldn’t be saved. The battle against the fatal grip of the ocean ended with a profound loss.
His demise was, chillingly, the fifth reported instance of drowning in Phuket within a week – 4 of which claimed the lives of international tourists. In mild of this alarming recurrence, native authorities convened a gathering to deliberate on effective methods.
Two days in the past, the popular vacationer destination of Phuket in Thailand has lately seen a tragic spike in drowning incidents, ensuing in the death of four tourists over five days. In the newest incident, two younger Indian males misplaced their lives whereas swimming at Karon Beach.
A police officer Chomphunutch Anahtayakul from the Patong Police Station in Phuket was alerted by radio that two tourists had drowned at Karon Beach and had been pronounced useless at Patong Hospital. The deceased have been recognized as 26 yr previous Wemah Hashid and Sajer Jatawat, both Indian nationals..

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