Return to sender!

TAK: A mother in Sam Ngao District paid the last word worth for letting her curiosity get the better of her – when she opened a parcel addressed to her daughter that turned out to be a letter bomb. The sufferer, 56-year-old pig farmer Phayao Ruamsuk, had collected the parcel, which was addressed to her daughter Kannitha. Kannitha, 22, had married just some days earlier and gone to live with her husband, a veterinarian from Lop Buri. It just isn’t uncommon for Thai mothers to open their children’s mail, and at about eleven pm on May 24 that’s what K. Phayao did. The force of the following blast blew off her garments, apart from her underwear, and left her unconscious with deep wounds to the physique and head. When police arrived on the house they found K. Phayao lying face-down and in a pool of her own blood. Manifest was rushed to Somdej Prajao Thaksin Maharaj Hospital in Tak, the place she died of her accidents. Her husband Khaen, 59, mentioned the bundle had contained what presupposed to be a wedding gift – a plastic doll shaped like a cat – accompanied by a notice congratulating their daughter on her current marriage ceremony. The parcel additionally contained a bit of wire and a battery, which presumably served to detonate the gadget. K. Khaen mentioned he solely survived the blast as a end result of he went out behind the home to prepare dinner, apparently leaving his wife to fiddle with the unusual marriage ceremony current – before it exploded. Police arrested a 25-year-old automobile salesman, Jamriang Pumanat, in his home in Tak’s Muang District the following day and charged him with premeditated homicide. He reportedly sent the bomb to K. Kannitha after she broke his coronary heart by marrying the vet. Police checked with the Sam Ngao Post Office, and employees there remembered seeing Jamriang coming to the workplace to mail the parcel on May 15. Jamriang denied sending the parcel, however his handwriting on the surface of the parcel, along with the posting document made a strong case towards him, police said. K. Kannitha advised police that she had identified Jamriang as a friend for seven years however had rejected his makes an attempt to

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