New chopper pump achieves high effectivity with out compromising on cutting performance

Problematic solids such as sanitary towels, plastic bags, textiles and wood are being found increasingly usually in wastewater. Pumping and sewage treatment vegetation are subsequently more and more reaching their limits; units get clogged up and break down.
In times when low lifecycle costs are playing an ever extra necessary position, HOMA Pumpenfabrik presents an vitality environment friendly and reliable resolution for areas the place a high supply head is required, but on the identical time, a various vary of solids is predicted: the Alligator chopper pump sequence. The newly developed OC impeller of the Alligator sequence permits effective operation via a robust cutter system. Thanks to the utilization of highly durable chilled chrome forged iron, the main components that are subject to essentially the most stress carry out reliably even with abrasive substances corresponding to sand. HOMA will be presenting the model new Alligator chopper pumps for the primary time at IFAT 2022 in Munich.
“The lowest possible lifecycle costs are becoming increasingly necessary in water and wastewater purposes,” explains Konstantin Pörsch, Project Manager in the Design & Development division at HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH. “There is a rising demand for power saving and reliable pumps that attain high delivery heads with great efficiency.” With its new Alligator chopper pump series, which may even be available as an explosion-proof model, HOMA has developed a particularly environment friendly response to this demand.
Cutter system shreds all solids with excessive effectivity
“Our objective was to attain excessive delivery pressures in the medium circulate rate range,” reports Konstantin Pörsch. Without forfeiting pump fee, the improved effectivity meant that a smaller, cheaper and more vitality saving motor than in other pumps in the identical working vary was sufficient. To obtain this, HOMA developed a new cutter system that successfully shreds and removes massive portions of numerous solids corresponding to tear-resistant hygiene wipes, plastic luggage and wooden, which additionally get into the wastewater via surface water. The specially designed impeller has integrated cutters and a sharp-edged radius of 10 mm to the wear and tear plate, which is also geared up with its personal cutter. เกจวัดแรงดันลมราคา allows the two central components to work together to catch solids, break them down and in the end take away them from the suction space through built-in grooves within the put on plate.
To allow higher efficiency without compromising on slicing efficiency, the blades of the impeller additionally curve strongly backwards. As a outcome, in the 50 Hz model, a circulate fee of as much as one hundred thirty m³/h and a supply head of as a lot as fifty seven m could be achieved with energy consumption of 5 to 12 kW. In the 60 Hz version, with energy consumption of eight to 20 kW, a move rate of as much as 140 m³/h and a supply head of as much as eighty two m are attainable. The suction cowl mounted on the pump housing may also be used to adjust the cutting hole between the impeller and the put on and tear plate with assistance from six set screws. “The energy of our new Alligator collection, which is available for moist nicely set up in addition to dry installation, is its great efficiency and effective cutter system, coupled with a long service life,” adds Konstantin Pörsch.
Low lifecycle costs because of wear-resistant design
In order to attain not only the finest possible efficiency values within the working vary required for these sorts of wastewater purposes, but also to scale back lifecycle prices general, HOMA attaches great importance to low-maintenance operation along with effectivity. The impeller and wear plate, that are the elements subject to probably the most stress, are manufactured from extremely sturdy chilled chrome cast iron, which withstands even abrasive substances similar to sand within the pumped medium. In addition, the hydraulics had been optimally designed for the working range using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to increase effectivity and to eliminate any chance of solids building up, which might negatively impact performance and lead to pricey pump failures. “With the newly developed cutter system, the Alligator pumps can effectively break down all solids within the waste water and transport them away, saving both vitality and maintenance prices thanks to their excessive efficiency and wear-resistant supplies,” Konstantin Pörsch sums up. “This makes them particularly appropriate for waste water functions that require excessive delivery pressure, however at the similar time need to cope with many alternative sorts of solids.”
HOMA will be presenting the brand new Alligator chopper pump collection for the primary time at IFAT 2022 in Munich. This and different innovations, corresponding to the upkeep slide with sliding motor mount, will be explained and demonstrated by the HOMA sales team in Hall B1 at Stand 429/528.

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