Kabin Buri store owner finds fortune in historic tree, wins 500,000 baht in lottery

A larb food store owner in Kabin Buri district, Prachin Buri province, reported good luck from an infinite takian tree in a non-public plot of land after scooping 500,000 baht (US$14,400) with 30 winning lottery tickets. The proprietor plans to visit the tree to ask for more fortunate numbers, assured in receiving success in the upcoming draw on July 1.
Today, news emerged of the store owner claiming good fortune from a 13-metre lengthy takian tree that requires two people to embrace it. Under the table lies in a personal land plot in the previous city space of Kabin Buri. The proprietor, who wishes to stay nameless due to the tree’s location in known acquaintances’ property, lately won the fourth prize in the lottery, totalling 10 tickets, and 20 tickets with the final two digits appropriate.
The shop owner visited the takian tree to ask for fortunate numbers and made a vow that if she won the lottery, they might return to pay respects and relocate the tree to create merit at a close-by temple. Upon their return, they purchased 30 lottery tickets from a vendor who had visited their store and later found they’d gained 500,000 baht in prizes on June 16. The winnings were collected at the Bank of Thailand, KhaoSod reported.
Following the win, the owner returned to the tree to report the great fortune and plan for relocating the takian to the temple soon. During the ceremony, the owner noticed the quantity 35 and intends to return before the next draw to ask for extra fortunate numbers. At the identical time, neighbours who heard the information brought their own candles to ask for fortunate numbers in the upcoming draw. The store owner received telephone calls from eight acquaintances coming to the store to request their own fortunate numbers, assured of the continuing good fortune from the takian tree..

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