Dating app crimes: Bangkok police warn in opposition to predator with intensive legal report

A public alert relating to an increase in courting app crimes has been issued by the Metropolitan Police Bureau. Vigilance has been urged due to a person capitalising on a dating utility to lure in, rape, and subsequently rob women. The individual has a criminal document spanning 15 years.
The man, recognized beneath the pseudonym “Tum Chonburi,” however legally named Wattana Srikhaney, has been found to utilise the Omi app for his sinister goals. By cultivating Become an insider of a “nice guy,” he lures his victims right into a false sense of security, providing to fulfill and take them on a date to a designated location. However, rather than the agreed-upon destination, he diverts to a different locale where he subsequently sexually assaults them. Shockingly, in one courting app crime incident, a woman was discovered raped and abandoned naked at a rice field’s perimeter, reported Bangkok Post.
Further to those horrific courting app crimes, the victims have been usually left stripped of their possessions, including cash, gold bracelets, cellphones and other valuable gadgets. The authorities speculate that the extent of his grisly deeds extends beyond the known victims, suspecting that some affected ladies may have been hesitant to report the incident to the police, or uncertain concerning the man’s true identity.
Wattana’s legal report is extensively documented by authorities, detailing the following offences::

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