Celeros Flow Technology provides extreme obligation valves

The Copes-Vulcan SD-Severe Duty valve from Celeros Flow Technology (Celeros FT) replaces the company’s D-100 line, is designed for difficult industrial environments and may stand up to extremes of temperature, noise and vibration.
The Copes-Vulcan SD-Severe Duty valve from Celeros Flow Technology.
เกจวัดแรงดันอากาศ -Severe Duty control valves are notably fitted to functions such as pump recirculation, feedwater control and feedwater start-up, flashing or cavitating service and significant pressure drop gasoline and steam service. They are also extensively used for nuclear ‘N’ stamp and seismic functions.
The SD-Severe Duty valve is out there in sizes 0.75-20 in (20-500 mm) and ASME strain lessons a hundred and fifty – 4500 as normal. It features a straight via globe and angle type body design with single web internal development.
The SD-Severe Duty valve features numerous technical enhancements over the Copes-Vulcan D-100 line, which help specifiers and operators meet increasingly stringent laws and obtain extremely dependable move control in essentially the most demanding conditions.
The valve physique is designed with high structural integrity, giant inside circulate passageways and a large capability bowl to accommodate an in depth variety of trim designs while allowing most restoration inside the valve.

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