Burmese and Karen forces battle for 7 hours near Thai border

Burmese and Karen forces battled one another for seven hours yesterday, near the border between Myanmar and Thailand’s northern Tak province. It was the second day of consecutive combating between the Burmese junta military, and the Karen National Liberation Army alongside Myanmar’s People’s Defence Force.
The Burmese army had arrived in a Karen space aiming to capture it, but the KNLA and its allies have been ready. The KNLA and PDF forces ambushed the Burmese troops, and a fierce battle broke out. The Burmese troops fired heavy mortars on the Karens, who fought back with heavy machine weapons.
As with many similar incidents prior to now, a number of Karen villagers crossed into Thailand to flee the combating. About 188 villagers slipped into Tak’s Popphra district, managing to find shelter in a temple there. Thai safety forces anticipate the clashes to proceed, and if the scenario worsens, for extra refugees to flood into Thailand.
Black market comes after a Burmese fighter jet bombed a Karen village earlier this month, also near the Thai border. Two villagers had been killed, three had been wounded, and ninety two were forced to flee to Thailand. Most of those that fled were ladies and kids.
The Karen hill tribe in Myanmar and several other different minority teams have been preventing for larger autonomy since Myanmar gained independence in 1948..

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